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February 28, 2005 The Morning After: Chocolate Cake!
February 26, 2005 Just a Sandwich!
February 24, 2005 Aroma Therapy: Focaccia!
February 20, 2005 Breakfast for Dinner: French Toast!
February 09, 2005 Chicken Piccata!
February 05, 2005 Susina!
February 03, 2005 Oh, Baby: Baby Artichokes!
February 01, 2005 Bruschetta!

The Morning After: Chocolate Cake!

February 28, 2005

Morning choc.jpg


Mr. R. tosses worn invitations to the coveted Oscar parties on the bed. He unfastens the diamond cufflinks from his new tuxedo and places them on a gold tray in his cherry armoire.

The early morning light fills the room as he sinks into the plump, king-size bed. He falls back on the pillow and looks at the clock on the nightstand. It reads 6:32AM.

His eyes lock on a dish carefully placed next to the clock. A decadent slice of warm, chocolate cake is accompanied by an icy glass of milk.

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Just a Sandwich!

February 26, 2005

chicken sandwich.jpg


In one corner of the massive kitchen, a small kitchen table stands with two chairs. It is an old wooden table that could be found in any normal-sized home, but looks distinctly out of place in this house.

Caryn sits at the table that is now covered with food magazines and the same weathered cookbooks previously seen on her own desk. She is intoxicated with her reading when she is startled by Mr. R. coming in through the back door.

She looks up, unable to transition from her dreamworld into reality so quickly. Mr. R. passes through the kitchen without speaking to her.

When the door closes, she exhales.

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Aroma Therapy: Focaccia!

February 24, 2005

Focaccia 1.jpg


Laden with bags of groceries, Caryn stumbles across the room where she hoists the purchases onto the counter. Exhausted already, she rests against the refrigerator.


Caryn peeks her head through the door. The room is empty.



The house echoes with her voice. Convinced that there is no one around, she creeps into the room to explore.

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Breakfast for Dinner: French Toast!

February 20, 2005

french toast.jpg


A sprawling kitchen of marble and stone nearly swallows Caryn as she bends intently over the stove. She hardly seems to notice that this kitchen might better fit in a story-book palace. Her forehead is curled into an odd shape of worry over a plate of the same chicken we've seen before.

LAUREN, a petite woman with chestnut hair cut crisply at her chin, enters from one of the many rooms. The heels of her Manolo Blahniks click pristinely on the tiled floors.


He's been waiting for his dinner for ten minutes.

Caryn garnishes the plate with a bright sprig of fresh parsley and whips it off the counter.

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Chicken Piccata!

February 09, 2005

piccata 1.jpg


WINNIE, bubbling with Vietnamese enthusiasm, and her boyfriend, VIC, a burly softy, lounge on the floor around a coffee table that once was covered with a delicious spread. Caryn removes the plate that holds the remnants of tender chicken breasts, still dripping with golden sauce.


What are you gonna make him first?

She stops and looks at Vic. Winnie looks too.


Honey, she's serving what you just ate!


Chicken piccata? You're going to make chicken piccata on your first day?

Chicken Piccata! continued »

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February 05, 2005

Susina 1.jpg


Water from the faucet splashes into the soap bubbles, washing them away. Caryn, dressed in cleaning day sweats, is bent over the claw-foot tub, scrubbing the sides with vengeance.

From the other room, there is a loud knock. Caryn sits up and listens, unsure if it is the stereo that of course is blaring loudly too. She shakes it off and resumes her work.

Susina! continued »

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Oh, Baby: Baby Artichokes!

February 03, 2005

Artichoke 6.jpg


Waves of a dark ocean crash onto the rocks of a deserted beach, protected by the sandy hills lumbering high overhead. At the top of those hills, fields of green crops stretch out to meet the early morning sun.

The crops, though, are not alone. Eager CROP WORKERS are lingering between the aisles, ready to get to work. One FARMER walks with his BROTHER.


February's a little early.

The two men stop to examine the crop. The farmer bends down and gently cups the pointed leaves of a fresh, round artichoke. He slowly pulls it aside to reveal smaller, seemingly fragile baby artichokes hiding from the light beneath their mother.

He looks up at his brother, a broad smile creeping across his face.

Oh, Baby: Baby Artichokes! continued »

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February 01, 2005



Caryn weaves the old Honda through the ever-present traffic of the city. It was a nice car in its day, but that day has long passed. She turns the radio up to drown out the noise of her brakes as she squawks to a halt at a red light.

The MAN in the polished Mercedes next to her scowls at the Honda, baffled that any car can make the exact noise of an ailing heifer. Caryn turns away to avoid eye contact when she spots a sign on her left that reads "La Brea Bakery." She sits up in her seat.

The light changes, but Caryn whips her car between oncoming traffic and into the valet parking lot of the bakery. She hops out and dashes to the store, calling back to the valet ATTENDANTS.


I'll only be a minute!

The attendants shake their heads in wonder, but before they can gripe, she returns and is squawking the car back into traffic.

Bruschetta! continued »

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