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Hot Coffee and a Turkey Baster!

June 10, 2005 from Delicious! Delicious!

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The trailer is empty and refreshingly quiet. Caryn thumbs through a magazine with one hand and stirs the contents of a pot with another. Lazy afternoon in Mississippi.

The door swings open with no warning and in walks Lauren, wearing a thick tweed jacket over her lacy camisole. In the heat of a summer in Mississippi.

She slides a Starbucks coffee cup down the counter toward Caryn.


Can you reheat this?

Caryn looks at the cup.


Reheat it?


Yes, microwave it or something. I made a PA look for a Starbucks on his way back from a run to Memphis.

She snaps open her cell phone like a pro and starts clicking away at the keys.


But by the time he got back my latte was cold already. Just zap it.

She holds the phone up to her ear.


Hello? HELLO?!

She steps outside. Caryn rolls her eyes and slips the coffee into the old and smelly microwave. She returns to the magazine. Lauren screams at someone on the phone.

After a moment, Caryn flips the magazine closed and checks the contents of her pot. Lauren returns, cell phone still in hand.


Where's my coffee?

Coffee? Caryn whips her head to the microwave. COFFEE!! The cup is bubbling over into a frothy mess.

But Lauren's cell phone goes into a SPASM of vibrations at the same time. She steps out and resumes yelling.

Caryn yanks the microwave door open. Only about a third of the coffee is still in the cup. The rest is pooling into a sticky puddle around the floor of the microwave.

Caryn springs into action. She rips open a drawer and clangs through the utensils. Nothing. Another drawer, more clanging. Nothing. She stands up and looks toward the door. Lauren is still on the call.

One more drawer. More rifling. SUCCESS. Caryn pulls out a long, plastic turkey baster. Well, it'll have to do.

She grabs the cup and begins sucking the coffee up into the baster. Back in the cup, check the door, repeat.


An incensed Lauren fumes at whoever is on the phone. She looks to the door for her coffee.


The baster is working well, simulating a froth with the bubbles. In no time, most of the coffee is back in the cup. But it's still a little low.

Caryn thinks fast. Water from the sink tops it off and back into the sloppy microwave it goes. Ten seconds.

Lauren stomps back in. Caryn grabs the magazine.



Caryn looks up just as the microwave BLEEPS at the women.


Oh! Here.

She hands the coffee cup to Lauren who wastes no time in getting her fix.


Ahhh. That's good coffee.

She takes another gulp on her way out the door.


I'm gonna have to send another PA back to that same Starbucks.

Caryn wipes the sweat from her forehead.

But no time to rest. A SIZZLING sound erupts from behind her. The pot she was stirring has followed suit and bubbles over into a sticky mess on the stove.

There are actually corners of Mississippi that haven't been inhabited by the ubiquitous Starbucks. However, there is probably a location near you.